• Mission Statement
    The Jackson County Sheriff's Posse is a sworn group of volunteers that falls directly under the Sheriff's Office command and control. The posse performs community service as directed by the Sheriff or his designated representative. These activities include but are not limited to local parades, community/county events such as the Jackson County Fair, Kids Safe Day, support of local charities and/or events approved by the Sheriff's Office. The posse is also responsible for a select portion of the Greenway access and trails for equine functions to include cleanup, reporting of vagrants, and health and safety issues to the department. All active members in good standing shall adhere and be bound to the constitution of the Jackson County Sheriff's Posse.


fire training with horseTo effectively support the mission of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Posse, members participate in training activities throughout the year.

The Posse hosts Gymkhana Events where members and potential members can demonstrate the abilities of their horses.  Events are chosen to highlight a horse’s agility, quickness, and control.  The events also showcase the rider’s command of their horse and their ability to maneuver carefully.

The Posse requires members to exhibit safety and control of their horses.  This is very important, as many events occur in and around crowds, children, and loud noises.Jackson County Posse wins blue ribbon

We welcome community business partners for our Gymkhana Events.  Awards, typically belt buckles, are awarded to the top three winners in each class.  These prizes are made possible through the generosity of community-minded businesses throughout Jackson County.


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