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    The Jackson County Sheriff's Posse is a sworn group of volunteers that falls directly under the Sheriff's Office command and control. The posse performs community service as directed by the Sheriff or his designated representative. These activities include but are not limited to local parades, community/county events such as the Jackson County Fair, Kids Safe Day, support of local charities and/or events approved by the Sheriff's Office. The posse is also responsible for a select portion of the Greenway access and trails for equine functions to include cleanup, reporting of vagrants, and health and safety issues to the department. All active members in good standing shall adhere and be bound to the constitution of the Jackson County Sheriff's Posse.


Let’s get ready for GYMKHANA 2014!! Scheduling this year at the Expo was challenging so we have decided to host a 3-Series.


The next event is Sunday 10/5 in the BARKER BARN at the Jackson County Expo


The following are High Point and Reserve winners from the first Gymkhana Show held 7/26…

Pee Wee High Point – A Division… Seth Baker (28 Points) – Reserve Winner… CJ Mendell

Pee Wee High Point – B Division… Laney Staten (25 Points) – Reserve Winner… Karis VonDoloski

Youth High Point – A Division… Sydney Baker (23 Points) – Reserve Winner… Taylor Taylor (riding Toby)

Youth High Point – B Division… Clayre Shaffer (19 Points) – Reserve Winner… Taylor Taylor (riding Freckles)

Adult High Point – A Division… Mikyla Jahnke (30 Points) – Reserve Winner… Flisha Kelsey

Adult High Point – B Division… Breanne Mendell (18 Points) – Reserve Winner… Heather Jackson

Master High Point – A Division… Deb Kubik (27 Points) (riding Austin) – Reserve Winner… Kelly Worthington

Master High Point – B Division… Sandi Humphfres (18 Points) – Reserve Winner… Deb Kubik (riding Stinger)

CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE!! Some of the Pee Wee’s and Youth winners did not get their gift card awards. Please see us at the next show to claim your prizes!



We also apologize for the website issues we are currently experiencing. We hope to have this matter resolved shortly.




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